Paisley offers bespoke investigative solutions, tailored to meet your actual needs. Our experienced investigators are passionate about their trade and take pride in results. We simply won't take the case if we don't think we can help and we'll do our best to point you toward someone who can.

Private Investigations

In today's day and age, security is largely an illusion. With many years of experience serving in a variety of security service capacities, our team is all too familiar with the shortcomings of the security industry in Canada. If you want a proactive solution to an ongoing problem, or if you want an experienced professional to consult on your existing security posture, we can help.

Security Services

Can We Help You?

There is a large gap between people's needs and law enforcement agency capabilities. More often than not, law enforcement is only able to assist once a crime has been committed and even then, only if it registers as a priority for them.

Paisley endeavours to fill that gap by listening to our client's needs and then offering proactive solutions and not reactive ones. Why wait until something horrible has happened?

Paisley offers a wide range of Security and Investigative solutions. This is not a big box company offering you false peace of mind. We are dedicated professionals that care. Drop us a line, speak to a human and let's get to the bottom of things.


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