Our Services

Below are some specific areas of our expertise. If your situation doesn't fall into one of these categories, we are still interested in helping you! Please contact us to let us know what your situation and needs are, so that we can apply our knowledge and experience to assist you.

Our expert team specializes in covert monitoring, using the best practices to provide invaluable insights into whatever matters most to you. Trust in our skilled professionals to maintain a vigilant watch and to gather the video evidence you require.

Security Consulting
Our expert consultants go beyond traditional measures, offering strategic solutions tailored to your unique needs. From risk assessments, customized security protocols and apparatus to helping establish in-house security setup, staff training and upkeep, we empower businesses AND individuals alike.
Personal Protection\Escort

Our elite team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring your safety in every environment. We can offer discreet or overt security solutions, depending on your needs. Our experienced team will be your steadfast shield, ensuring you navigate life's journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Child Welfare Investigations

Our Child Welfare Investigations prioritize the safety and security of minors. Our dedicated team employs compassionate yet thorough techniques to assess living conditions, guardianship, and overall welfare. With our commitment to a safer tomorrow, we safeguard the future of the ones who matter most.

Stalkers\Dangerous Persons

Your safety is our priority. Our Stalker & Dangerous Persons Investigations offer vigilant and discreet solutions to protect you from potential threats. Our experienced team employs advanced surveillance and security techniques to identify and neutralize risks. Trust in our expertise to safeguard your well-being. Your security matters.

Marriage Fidelity

Suspicion can cast a shadow on trust. Our discreet Marriage Fidelity Investigations bring clarity to your relationship. Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques for covert surveillance, thorough background checks, and digital forensics to uncover the truth. Trust in our professionalism and commitment to your peace of mind. Your journey to certainty starts here.

Security Service Auditing

You pay good money for your existing security guard service, but are you getting your money's worth? Our Guard Service Auditing ensures that your security personnel meet and exceed industry standards. Trust in our commitment to enhance your safety measures.

Rural Crime

Police response times in rural areas in Canada are unfortunately just way too long. Successful criminals are emboldened to repeat their crimes, often victimizing the same people and communities multiple times. Our experts can consult with you and your community to improve your security posture and make criminals think twice.

Site Security
Our team is very familiar with the continuous and ongoing theft of tools and materials from construction sites. We have the expertise to shut it down before it starts, or catch repeat offenders.
Locate Missing Persons

Lost connections, vanished loved ones – the unknown is heart-wrenching. We specialize in reuniting families and bringing closure to the uncertain. Our compassionate team, armed with expertise and cutting-edge tools, acts swiftly to find answers.

The Unknown

Dive into a realm where the unexplained meets unparalleled expertise. From inexplicable occurrences to baffling phenomena, we tackle cases that push the boundaries of what's deemed possible. Whether it's uncovering the truth behind strange occurrences or providing clarity in the face of the inexplicable, we are more open minded than the average investigators and we are here to help.